This page contains and other important information that is useful for our parents to know.


Here we have information on how we wish our children are to behave in school and also at home.


Pupils are expected to reflect the core values of Respect, Responsibility and how to React appropriately. Where pupils are discourteous, disruptive, dishonest or likely to endanger the well-being of others, they will be reprimanded. 
Dependent upon our assessment of the severity or repetitive nature of the offense, the Principal may be involved. Exclusion from school events may eventuate.

If children arrive at school late, for whatever reason, please come to the office and ensure that an adult signs the children in. This is necessary to ensure there are no misunderstandings or unforeseen situations about attendance. 
If your child is absent, please contact the school office by 10am on the morning that they are away. 
New truancy provisions have been initiated by the Ministry of Education. Absences are monitored via the internet. School will ring to check absent children. Children are legally required to attend school. Any planned absence must be advised to the school office.



Any other information for parents to know.


The school holds one main assembly on Fridays for music, awards and information. 
The three areas (Junior, Middle, Senior) assemble from time to time as required. Classes take turns in presenting the assemblies.

Protective instructions must be supported by a legal copy of any court judgment valid in New Zealand. School will need a copy of this.


Elected Parent Reps: Janeen Hamlin (Chairperson), Mike Dalbeth, Michelle Lawson, Leanne Rumble and Shaun Richards 
Staff Rep: Mrs Ang Donaldson 
Secretary: Ms Sheri Banks 
Principal – Mr Tim Couling 
Meetings are normally held twice a term at 6.30pm. Date to be advised in the newsletter. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. 
2019 is election year. We will be calling for nominations in May for people wishing to join our board of trustees.


Chairperson: Leanne Rumble 
Treasurer: Mary Piripo 
We are keen for more parents to join the PTA. Please feel free to come along to a meeting, normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 4.30pm in the school staffroom. 
The PTA does fundraising activities to help support the schools activities, trips, resources and class consumables.