Within our school services we have all the information that you need to know about what services we provide and also other information which comes under each subheading.

Our services are split into five parts: Transport to and from school, Health Care, School Lunches, After school care, and Swimming Pool use.


​Bus Services

The current bus services are operated by CLARKS COACHLINES and KAIKOHE Bus Services covering the following areas: 

1. Ohaeawai 

2. Te Pua Road, Remuera Settlement Road then Waimate North 

3. Kaikohe via Lake Road 

4. Puketi (Waiare, Lodore Road to Puketi Road) 

5. Horeke/Utakura 

6. Rahiri 

7. Mangamuka/Kohukohu which is basically an express through to Mangamuka. 

8. Umawera which does all of the pick-ups through the valley along SH1. 

9. Kaikohe Pay Bus 


Our runs are shared with the college. If any parents ever have concerns about children’s behaviour on the bus, don’t hesitate to contact the school. Our liaison officer is Mr Tim Couling. 

Children are entitled to catch the bus if they live further than 3.2km from school. School rules apply. 

Please remind your children when getting off the bus, to WAIT until the bus has passed TWO POWER POLES, before looking both ways for traffic and crossing the road. 

Bus Vests 

The school provides free yellow bus vests for children who are picked up along main roads, to aid visibility. If you wish your child to have a bus vest please contact the school office. 

Children collected by Car 

If children are being collected at 3.00pm by car, could parents please use the designated pick up lane outside the school gate. Children will wait on the stage and will need to be collected by the parent. 

For safety, do not call your children across the road. 

Cycling to School 

Children are permitted to ride bicycles to school, with uncovered racks available for bicycle storage. 

Parents are reminded that children must by law always wear a helmet. 




Any medicine must be given to staff upon arrival at school. A written note from the parent/caregiver allowing staff to administer the dosage must also accompany the medicine. 

Dental Health

If your child needs to see a Dental nurse, please 0800 MY TEETH for details of a therapist near you. Otherwise the mobile Dental Caravan visits the school annually for checkups. 

First Aid/Illness

If children feel unwell or have an accident at school we 

will utilize the sick bay, although we consider it preferable 

for children who aren’t well to go home. When possible, 

parents will be notified to collect children in such 


Minor accidents, bruises and cuts are treated at school. If staff are concerned about the child or they consider the child to be in pain or in some discomfort, parents will be contacted. In cases of serious injury or illness we may arrange for a Doctor or ambulance officer to attend to the difficulty, in addition to contacting you. 

Because of the health and safety provisions we would appreciate parents/caregivers notifying the school when home or work contact numbers change. 


Fitness is a part of the daily class programme. Children are required to participate unless a note is received from the parent/guardian. 

Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse, Margaret Connolly, visits the school weekly on Wednesdays around 11am and is available for assistance at any time or ring 0800 746 944 option 5 or direct on 021-221 4006. 



Okaihau Primary has bought lunches available on a daily basis. Children must order their lunch through the school office before 9am. Alternatively, parents and children may order directly from our supplier, Okaihau Dairy, as we do not have EFTPOS. 

If ordering directly from the Dairy, please note that the school menu must be followed.

Our menu is currently: 

Mince/Mince & Cheese/Potato Top Pie $3.00 

Sausage Roll $2.50 

Ham and Egg Roll $3.20 

Filled Roll (long) $3.50 

Yoghurt (Choc/Banana) $1.50 

Honey Log $2.00 

Muesli Bar Bites $1.30 

Bluebird Potato Chips (Chicken only) $1.80 

Cookie Time Cookie $1.80 

Milk Drink $2.00 

Fruit – Apple $1.00 

Juicie $1.00 

Moosie $1.80 

Hot Chips (Fridays only) $1.50 

Chicken Nuggets – 4 (Fridays only) $3.50 

Tomato Sauce $ .50 

Vogel Salad Sandwich (ham, chicken, salami) $4.00 

Nutella Sandwich (white bread) $2.50 

Salad Sandwich (ham, chicken, salami on white 

or brown bread) $3.80 



OSCAR, our after school programme (Out of School Care and Recreation) operates Monday - Friday 3pm until 5.30pm (not during school holidays). This is an exciting and dynamic after-school programme with firm but fun and friendly co-ordinators. 
Costs $10 per day per child. We do homework daily Monday -Thursday and afternoon tea provided each day. WINZ childcare subsidies available (WINZ criteria apply) to working or studying families. You may qualify for a full or part subsidy and you don’t have to enrol 5 days a week. Please contact the office or Camella Nelson 027- 4347557 if you have any questions.


The Primary and College school pools are open to  the community at a nominal cost that supports pool upkeep. Currently $80/season for new keys and $70/season for those exchanging keys. The pools are open from the beginning of Term 4 and close at the end of Term 1.